? Whitpain Greens Swim Club

Rules and Regulations

The WGSC managers have complete authority regarding enforcement of all rules, policies, and use of the Club facilities. The managers are empowered by the By-Laws and Board of Directors to suspend WGSC privileges for violations of any rules. Whitpain Greens Swim Club strives to provide a healthy, safe and fun place to spend the summer for the entire family. We thank all members for helping us in this endeavor by being courteous and respectful to all fellow members, guests and employees of WGSC.


- WGSC is open 12-8:30pm daily or otherwise noted. Early closures will be announced on our website, on Facebook and with signage at front desk.
- All members must check-in at front desk before entering the pool. Pictures are taken of each member for the check-in system upon your first visit.
- Guests are only permitted access to club with an active member. Active member will remain present during the duration of the guest's visit.
- Charcoal grills, picnic tables and umbrellas are available for member use on a first-come, first-serve basis.
- Chairs may be stored along the fence line but must be kept up and off the ground. No large storage containers or other personal property are to be kept on grounds.
- Recreation equipment and games are available at the front desk. Please sign out items and return when not in use.
- Parking on holidays, weekends and special events may be limited. Please maximize space by parking close to other cars and out of the lanes. Do not block Erbs Mill Rd at any point. Please do not block the dumpster with any vehicles.
- Erbs Mill Road is a One-Way road, please remind guests when exiting the club.
- Please refer to our website for updated calendar and events www.whitpaingreenssc.org

Health & Safety

- Members are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children at all times.
- Lifeguards are employed to keep us all safe. Please respect and acknowledge their whistles and directions. Multiple warnings will lead to bench time.
- No Glass of any kind. This includes but is not limited to beer/wine/liquor bottles, salsa jars, glassware or ceramic serving dishes, etc. Management reserves the right to inspect coolers.
- Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult for pool use. Member children 12 and over may visit the pool without an adult, but may not be responsible for younger children.
- Siblings and babysitters must be 16 years of age or older to care for children without an adult present.
- The designated lap lane can be used for swimming laps. Please use the signs next to the shed to close the lane while in use. Please help us keep swimmers safe by observing the signs and telling children to observe signs when lap lane is in use. Lap lane use may be limited during peak times and holidays.
- Running, wrestling, tag, etc., are forbidden on the concrete decks bordering the pools. Pushing or throwing anyone into the pools is prohibited.
- The dive well and deep areas are for proficient swimmers only. No flotation aids or swim goggles when using the diving boards.
- Only one person is allowed at a time on the diving board or diving board ladders. Divers must swim clear of diving board area and to ladder before the next diver may enter the water.
- The adult section next to diving board is for adults 18 years of age and older.
- The baby pool is for children 5 and under. All children using the baby pool must be under the direct supervision of an adult.
- The water spouts on the baby pool should not be blocked or obstructed.
- In accordance with CDC guidelines and The Montgomery County Board of Health, all children who are not toilet trained must be wearing non-disposable swim diapers.
- Adult supervision is recommended for children under 6 at playground.
- No cell phone use, cameras or recording of any kind in any restroom.
- No Smoking or vaping within fence of pool grounds. A smoking/vaping area is located outside to the right of the building.
- WGSC is not responsible for any damage to any personal items left on grounds, or vehicles parked on property.

Questions contact the club at info@whitpaingreenssc.org