? Whitpain Greens Swim Club


Opening Day: Saturday May 25th, 2019

Whitpain Greens is a private, non-profit swim club. We operate under a set of by-laws that set forth the rules by which we govern the club's affairs. Membership is limited to three hundred (300) families for any given season. Priority is given to returning, active members, followed by bond members, followed lastly by new members. New member application forms will be processed after the due date for returning members, which is April 28th this year.

Download an application today
New Memeber New Member or Returning Member

Both forms are PDFs which can be completed electronically before being printed. Download the form first, complete the first page, then select your bond type on the second page; your costs will be calculated automatically. Print it out, write your check, mail them both… that’s it!

Questions or problems? Please contact membership@whitpaingreenssc.org

Annual Dues

Membership dues are assessed on an annual basis by the Board of Directors and applied to the invoice for the current season. Again this year there is no increase in annual dues, only a small increase in the improvement fund for returning members.


* Children under 2 are free. (Must be under 2 as of the season opening date)

** Must provide copy of license for senior rates. Addresses must match for dual rate.

Bond Options

Since we are member owned, all members are required to purchase a bond.

As a bondholder you are part owner of the property and are given a voice (through the board) in the affairs of the club.

There are two options for paying the bond fee:

Full Bond Membership

Pay the entire $250 bond fee, the $50 application fee, and annual dues when you first join. In future years, you pay only the annual dues.

Optional Bond Membership

Pay annual dues, the $50 application fee, and first installment of bond payment. The $250 bond and $50 handling fee can be paid over the first 3 years in installments. See break down below.

Note: Bonds may later be redeemed at full value ($250) upon relinquishment of membership according to the by-laws.

Effective for new members who join in the 2011 season onward, purchased membership bonds are transferable or assignable to a direct family member (parent to adult child) for a one-time only transfer. Also effective for new members who join in the 2011 season onward, if a fully bonded new member becomes inactive due to three consecutive years of non-payment of annual dues, such member will automatically forfeit their bond to club.

If you have any questions regarding
the dues, please contact treasurer@whitpaingreenssc.org
or bonds, please contact membership@whitpaingreenssc.org
for anything else, please contact the club at info@whitpaingreenssc.org